About us


We're glad you stopped by. YOU, as a customer, are very important to us; so we wanted to tell you a little bit about who we are.


First things first--what does 1ninety5 mean? Well, 1ninety5 was founded by a girl who loves to travel and when she's not traveling, she's dreaming. Currently, there are 195-ish countries (depending on which territories you count and a few weird ownership situations on others) to travel to and 1ninety5 was created for the girl who wants to put her mark on the world and do it while looking good and feeling great. 


1ninety5 is a women's boutique that sells exclusively online. We launched in August 2016 and our focus is to bring you the latest trends at an affordable price.

We are located in Kansas City, Missouri. Everything ships directly from Kansas City--from us to you. 


Like we said earlier, 1ninety5 was created for the girl who dares to dream. Whether you're daydreaming, climbing up the ladder (or falling off the ladder)...we get it. And it shouldn't mean that you can't look good while trying to conquer the world. That's why we offer different styles and prices to meet your lifestyle.